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3 spd vs. 4 spd manual transmissions

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Are there any performance differences between the two (other than the obvious additional gear) The 4-spd was an option, correct?

I am looking at two cars to potentially purchase: An A-code with a 3spd and a different A-code with a 4spd.

Would you guys even consider buying the 3 spd car??

Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks again,

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From performance standpoint, the 4-speed is much more desireable than the 3-speed as the extra gear aids the egine staying within the peak rpm range between gears for maximum performance, in other words, there is less of a drop in rpm when shifting.

I think more importantly is the overall condition (and price of course) of the two cars. I would personally rather choose a car with a 3 speed if that car was rust free and collision free compared to the 4 speed. You can always add a 4 speed later...

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Can you give us some more information like the year of the cars.
You should be able to verify the proper transmission for the car by looking at the Trans code on the ID plate on the drivers door.

Depending on the year the 3 speed should be a 1 or 3 code and the 4 speed should be a 5 or 6 code.

If it were me, it would probably be more important to have the options that match the car. This all depends on your taste and what you plan to do with the car, restomod, daily driver, or concours restore.

Just make sure you get what you want.

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my preference would be to stick with the better quality car.

All things being equal a 4 speed car is more valuable than a 3 speed car and more fun to drive :)

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If both cars are equal in condition, matching their data plates and options, I'd chose the 4 speed over the three. The three speed trans isn't as tough as the 4 speed and more parts are available for the 4 speed.

My obs,

Dean T

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