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I have a three speed TOPLOADER which is the beefy strong transmission that would be found behind V8's but could also be used on an inline 6.

According to the ID tag, it originally came on either a Falcon for Fairlane. This transmission can be used on a mustang if you swap out the tail shaft. (Easy)

The inside of this transmission appears to be in excellent condition. It was removed from a 1958 Ford pickup truck behind a 302. I don't know it's history other than that. The input and tailshaft have very little movement. I have the top cover off if you want to check the inside for yourself. Syncros appear to be in excellent shape and so do all gears.

Don't confuse this with the ford 3 speed manual that doesn't have a synchronized first gear, those transmissions tend to break if you stare at them hard enough. This transmission is a top loader which DOES have a synchronized first gear, they are VERY strong!

Asking $150 or best offer. Please PM me if you're interested.


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