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3 stangs to 1

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Well I have look at all three cars that posted about on Staurday. There are enough good solid parts to build a nice 67 coupe with ps, factory power disc brakes, 351W, C6. I will have to add hood, grill, bumpers, wheels(there are only plain wheels), interior and a drive shaft. Now I have to decide if I want to do a total frame up resto or not. This is the perfect chance to do it right since every thing is already stripped down basically. SWMBO hasn't given her verdict yet, but I expect it any day now. I'll let you know what happens.

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I say do it right the first time. Restore/Replace everything, otherwise you will quickly be replace parts as the wearout.

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Boy, isn't it hell having an old ball and chain (NEVER say that at home) that has to approve of your toys? he he

Dang! Just when I got used to being "strange", I became a "newbie", then a "tire-kicker". Now I'm a "beginner"?.....hmmmmmm...where do I start?
Good luck with your project. I'm very interested in how it all works out.
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