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I just finished scraping the undercoating off of the p/s inner fenders and what a p.i.t.a. Actually I found that some of the old seam sealer is still fairly good after all these years.
My question is this: What did Ford originally use as a sealer around bigger "gaps" like where the toe-board meet the frame
and corners? It seems to be just regular glazing putty like you would use on glass window panes.Thanks,Bob

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I got advise from HorseHeaven from the old board who restores Mustangs for a living. Here is his response:

"For non-painted seams, like inside the trunk and on the floors, use "Henry"
brand 209 Elastomastic roof sealant from Home Depot, which is very similar to
the black stuff Ford used.

- Harland"


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Hi Bob,
I have seen Seam Ruberized sealer in caulking gun used in some instance. Eastwood has the product .. Curious to see what else is being used out there.

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