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35 Years of Crud...or Seam Sealer?

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I'm cleaning up the front end of my 67, and I have a bunch of crud at the bottom of the shock towers, on top of the frame rail, inside the wheel wells. I started cleaning it out, but stopped because I thought it might be seam sealer.

Did they pile in a bunch of seam sealer in this area or is it just accumulated road crud?


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I cleaned mine out, it's like a little shelf there whose only purpose in life is to collect crud. I believe there are sealed seams around the passenger compartment.
I cleaned mine out and treated it with Corless.
I went on and cleaned mine out....I didn't find any goodies, just a bunch old Arizona sand mixed with road crud.


There is a bunch of factory seam sealer in this area... If you clean the entire thing out, you will find one drain hole in the center of the shock tower where it meets the frame rail. You will also find one drain hole on the left side, and another on the right side of the shock tower.

I'm not sure why Ford covered these holes with sealer? My car definatly had sealer in them.. not road grime. I would scrapw everything out, clean with a wire wheel and coat with some POR15 type stuff.
if you can, in the shock tower crud catcher scrape it out with a screw driver, sand blast the hell out of it, pray that its not rusted out underneith, and if it isnt, then blast until its all bare metal then use your favorite rust prevention method (I like por15, except the process is worse than babysitting by millions of times)
did mine last year and that is just rust. there is drain holes also at bottom of rectangular area at extreme bottom. i just wire brushed hell out of it, put corroloss to it, chassis blacked that and it really looks nice. unbelievable what is down there. most seam sealer as old as 35 ykears has solidified and can be usually didslodged with your fingernail. i rip it all out and replace with brush seam sealer i have got from Napa or Eaastwood's - like Napas better for coverage but do not know how long it will last but it cost like $17 pint. used it on all my floor seams, cowl to "A" pillar, and undercarriage.
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