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351 C Questions

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Hey guys I am trying to rap up the engine and finish up and prepare for paint. Now Im about ready to put the manifold back on and I was wandering if in the valley under the manifold do I need to put any oil or anything in there because I wiped it all down and cleaned it up or will the oil make its way there when I fill the car up with oil when its back in the engine compartment. And then the other question is i just put the front timing chain cover on and I was wandering how you put this darn bearing in that is around the blancer shaft. I just cant get it in there. So thanks guys.

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Hey buddy, how you doing....First, if the engine is going to set for a while, you might oil it down some under the intake, but, if you pre-oil it before you start it up, it will be fine...
Next, that is a seal, not a bearing in the timing cover. Try putting some light oil around the outside of it. Then it should just tap in. Don't hit it to hard, or you might bend it, and then it won't seal right. Take your time and use a SMALL hammer. Just start tapping in one place and then work your way around the whole seal till it is seated.....
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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