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So you guys are a pretty convicing group. I'm taking the block and heads down to an Engine Rebuilder i know. Would really like to keep things pretty much stock, maybe a hyperutectic piston and of course new valves by what most people have said so far. I have a Crane Cam here with 216 duration intake 228 exhaust 524" lift intake and 519 exhaust. Just wondering about all this reading I've been doing on these 4V heads and how overkill they are for street cruising. Hey I like horsepower too but would the 2V heads be a better choice.
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Fight the fever to overcam, overcarb, and overcompress. For a good streetable cruiser shoot for a CR of about 9.5 but do not go over 10.0. Your cam may be a little wild for the application. Lift of .480 and a short duration will give good low rpm performance, idle at about 650 rpm, yield good MPGs and vacuum, and tend not to overheat in traffic. 2V heads might be a consideration if CR cannot be brought down with your 4Vs. When rebuilding your heads put in hardened exhaust valve seats and bronze valve guides. A moderate build will result in a great grocery getter while a full tilt build will result in a high winder that will rarely see more than 4500 rpm. Just my $.02. Good Luck

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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