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351 Cleveland, 2 questions

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First, How should it be built affordably? I have 4v closed heads should I get open heads(what does that mean and do?) Also what cam? What pistons and compression should I go for? Roller rockers(yes/no?) What type of crank and bearings?

I plan to drive the car. I only drive it in the summer and I rod it. It is a sports car:) Probably on drag it seldomly.

Question two..
What is the definitive answer on how to break in a fresh enging?

I have a 1970 Mach 1, C-6 3.70 gears. 750 dbl pmper

Your experienced opinions are greatly appreciated. I need help fast because the parts are going to be ordered soon.
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Really depends on how you want to drive it. 2V heads have open chambers, not so good, 4V heads have closed chambers, better for power. 4V heads have rather gigantic ports, bad for low end torque, power/driveability below about 3000 rpm. 2V heads have reasonable ports, good for low end/driveability, not as good up high (above 5500, if I remember correctly).
Now, Aussie (Australian) 2V heads have closed chambers, so you can get the best of both worlds, if you can find a set of Aussie 2V heads.
Cam selection will depend on the heads, and how you want to drive. There is a 351C board that can probably help:
I like roller rockers, as they cut frictional hp loss, but they are more expensive. They can also be heavier, requiring stiffer springs, and may require some machining of the heads themselves. Ie., your budget will control.
If nobody here can answer the other questions, see the 351C board. There are a couple of people here with rather outrageous clevelands on the board, including one in my local area that is slightly stroked (7DMach1?)
Hope this helps


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Just remember, when people say the 4v closed chamber have >BAD< low end tork, don't believe it is actually BAD. It is actually very good and enough to throw you into you seat, snap your neck, and shred the tires up. They just perform BETTER at high rpm but they will still fly in the low rpm. How do I know?? I take drives in my uncles all the time. The engine needs a high stall(10' would be ideal for street) or manual tranny and a good set of gears. My uncle runs a toploader and 3.50's. And it freakin fly's. I personally run a 2v open chamber, and it runs good too for just a 2 barrell carb and it's very stock. It's all good man. Can't go wrong, IMO. Just depend's really on how you want to use it.....

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How you put it together depends on what you want to do with it. But ONE thing is for sure..... 351Cs are EXPENSIVE to play with. I just finished my 351C and I'm afaid to add the receipts. :cool:

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