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351 Heads

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Took the carb, intake and valve covers off Monday and found a set of 351 Heads sitting on my 289 =). Also went to the local junk yard (1 of many) and found an 80 model Monarch =) Getting the complete suspension and rear-end off. Thats gonna be a job. The rear-end off a Monarch will bolt up to a 66 right?????
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Just be sure it isn't one of those funky axles that look like a 8.8 that are used on late model Mustangs. IIRC, almost nothing is common with the 8.8 as we know it.
Yah, ask me how I know...

I had one of those darn rear-ends and had to go out and buy an 8 inch rear-end instead.... *sighs*
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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