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351 ID... please help me ID this engine

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The numbers are: E3AL 6015 BA 22 4G28
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1983 generic small block casting, engine build date 28 July 1984
Thank You!

Is there anyway to tell if its a 302, or 351W? Besides measuring the stroke?
Not really. You could check the heads, but that does not guarantee that someone didn't just install 351 heads on a 302.
okay, thanks!
The 351W with its significantly higher deck height can be distinguished by looking at the height of the front lifter valley rail. IIRC, the 351W is about 3/4-1" higher than the 302 in this area. The 351W also 1/2" head bolts as opposed to the 302's 7/16" bolts. If there are 351 heads on it and it has stepped bolts, or special insert washers to utilize the 7/16" bolts, then its not a 351W.
Measure the intake..a 351 is about 1 1/2 inches wider then a 302
A pic is worth a 1k words! *G*
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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