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I have a 351 Windsor with a 4 spd tranny and I am looking to trade them for some 390 tranny and misc parts. The 351 has an edelbrock performance intake, I believe it’s a high rise. It also has a Carter performance AFB carb, 625 cfm. The rest of the engine is just a standard 69 H code. The engine is still in my car so you can hear it run if you like.

The 390 parts that I am looking for:
4 spd toploader tranny
Air cleaner
3 row radiator
Motor mounts
And other little parts that I might be forgetting

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hey i have a flywheel of unknown condition, pay for shipping and its yours

also any smallblock toploader or FE toploader should be able to work (talk to or whoever those places on the net are, they seem to know their stuff)
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