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The heads need some work.

I took these to my machine shop after having to tear down the motor with only 450 miles on it. Apparently when they were tapped for screw in studs they were either over tighted or run with the wrong geomotry for a time and there are some small cracks around the stud tower. Needless to say the shop I paid to set them up 450 miles ago are on the 'list' and will never be used again.

My new machinist says he can weld them up no problem and they would be fine on a stock type motor, but I am running a 408 cube stroker and he suggested I buy a new set.

So anyway:

4v closed chamber heads
Stock valves 2.19 and 1.71
Machine for screw in studs, but the studs have been moved to my new heads so they aren't included.
New springs with 450 miles good for my 236/245 cam

$100 plus shipping

I just paid $90 to have the replacements shipped to me from AZ to 21911 at 65 lbs each so shipping will prob just shy of $100.

I am going to pick up these from the shop on Tuesday and can supply close up photos then if you desire.

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