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I received the following information from a direct question to a reliable source concerning the correct motor mounts to use when swapping a 351c into a 65.....since mine are 'homemade' by the PO I am having certain amounts of problems working with other prefab parts that should work in the application.:

The motor mounts I use are the early '65 style. They are a three piece set up. They work great for the swap. The late '65 and '66 style mounts use a through bolt, that goes from front to back. The three piece style use a single bolt that
goes down through a frame bracket.

My question to you all know is this:

Can any one supply a
1. Part number for this item
2. Picture of this item
3. Vendor source
or even 4. have a set laying around they want to send me /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

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This may sound crazy, but, why not try your local auto parts store. If they don't have them, they should be able to get them...You just need to find someone at the parts counter that speaks English, and knows his job.....

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You can get the motor mount from a parts house but, the frame
bracket and the L shaped piece of metal has to come a old Ford.

I get them from the wrecking yard. Some times they are laying on
the ground from when someone pulled a motor and didn't need them.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts