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351C crank to bearing clearance?

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What should the crank to bearing clearance be on a 70 351C. Crank was turned .10 under and I'm using Clevite .10 bearings. I used some plastiguage on the #1 bearing and torqued the bolts to 95 ft/lb. I got a reading of .003. Same on main 4 .Can't seem to find this spec in the books i have
Btw as a side note to people who asked and said I was probably going to encounter detonation with my 4v closed chamber heads. When I talked over what I wanted at the machine shop the owner suggested going to a lower compression piston. Instead of the stock 10/10.5 -1compression ratio I have a piston that will give me 9.5-1after the heads were surfaced. A loss in horsepower but i hope alittle more streetable :)

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