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351C crank to bearing clearance?

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What should the crank to bearing clearance be on a 70 351C. Crank was turned .10 under and I'm using Clevite .10 bearings. I used some plastiguage on the #1 bearing and torqued the bolts to 95 ft/lb. I got a reading of .003. Same on main 4 .Can't seem to find this spec in the books i have
Btw as a side note to people who asked and said I was probably going to encounter detonation with my 4v closed chamber heads. When I talked over what I wanted at the machine shop the owner suggested going to a lower compression piston. Instead of the stock 10/10.5 -1compression ratio I have a piston that will give me 9.5-1after the heads were surfaced. A loss in horsepower but i hope alittle more streetable :)

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My book sez .0009 to .0026 for mains, .0008 to .0026 for the rods. If the crank is OK and you have .003" clearance on all mains, you should consider .001 undersize bearings.
I agree with your man.... 10/1 CR is a little too high for todays gasoline.... 9.5/1 is max, IMHO. You can run a lot more timing on a lower compression motor.

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