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351C Hardened Seats Needed???

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Sending my heads to the machine shop in the next week or so. What is everyones opinion on putting hardened seats in? Are the really needed? Do you do both or just exhaust? The engine will have SS valves, 4v quenched heads and be a weekend driver during the summer. Comp is 11.0 :1. The valve seats are in great shape (not recessed, first valve job)

Mark Memmer
70 Calypso Coral Mach 1 351C 4V Completed by 8/01
98 Cobra Convertible
93 5.0 Mustang LX (Winter Ride)
00 Volvo S80 (Wifes Ride)
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Getting my 351C rebuilt too, I've done alot of reading on it so far and have asked many an engine builder. The shop I'm dealing with says unless I'm going to drive the hell out of the car all the time and rev the ____! out of it then hardened seats are not needed. He also told me that unless I'm pushing the motor to 6500-7000 rpm's that the valve keepers won't give me any problems... let me know what you decide on
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