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351c help

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I have a cleveland that runs very strong with open headers but I had 3" flowmasters put on and it lost a good 100 hp. I suspect the MSD distributer or the 6al box but it doesnt make sense to me or anyone else Ive talked to. When i turn the dist it make a chirping sound is why I question it. Any ideas? thanks Brian
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If all you did was put the Flowmasters on try un capping the headers and see if your problem goes away. I'm kinda curious how you know it lost 100 hp... When one action creates another action eg. hp loss from exhaust system, you need to back up, re group and undo what you did. Starting to change the timing and distributor settings can compound the problem...
You must have one hell of a restriction some where. I run 2 1/2" dynomax's and there can't be much loss with a close to stock engine I still produce over 300 rear wheel HP. I'd check the distributor,rotor, and the rotating hardware for rubbing. I'm not real up on MSD distributors but a ford can be oiled by removing the rotor and the felt and give a little shot.
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