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Help! Anybody dropping ‘C’ motors in early (pre-69) cars ever experienced this?
My 351c sits in my 68 engine bay off center and leaning to the left. I mean, lower by about an inch, to the driver side. This means I have tons of clearance for plug changes on the right, but on the driver's side, I have to remove the valve cover just to squeeze my hand down that far.

I thought I had the solution. I bought new mounts plus a new tranny mount, thinking the old ones were worn, etc. The mounts I ordered from NPD are supposed to be correct for a 68 w/302, which is what my car had originally. I have read many times that the ‘C’ will fit on same the mounts. Both R & L are the same part #, which I have been told is correct.

Well the new ones are in, and actually went in easier than I thought, but it is still not sitting pretty the way it should. I even had it ‘level’ before I tightened everything down, but it went right back to its old position. There simply is not that much adjustment in them to straighten it back out.

Nothing looks out of whack down below. Frame mts look good, towers look fine, nothing distorted. What gives?

I have seen in some catalogs that there are two small block styles- Tall, (which I assume I have) and short style, apparently for 69-70. They look the same in the cat., except for the height. I am considering trying one of the ‘short’ ones on the pass. side, to hopefully even and center the engine. Is this a viable solution?

Thanks for your help.


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On 289/302 motors the motor mounts are staggered. On the left side short side of the mount faces forward (due to the presense of the oil filter) and on the right side the long side of the mount faces forward. Look at the mounts and engine bolt bosses on your engine. Is this the way it is on your "C"? On the 289/302, the height of the mounts are equal. The height of the engine bosses are equal. Start by checking the installation and measuring what you have. Hope this helps.

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I have a 351 Clev. in my 67 Fastback, When I first tried to put it in I bought what they said was the correct mounts which were the short ones, I had to use the tall ones that are used on any 289/302 installation. Check to see if you have the tall or short ones, But the mounts that work for a 289 will work exactly the same on the cleveland.........
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