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250.00 block 2 bolt std

175.00 Exhaust manifold 351C 2v pair DOAE-F DOAE-F 9M22 9M10 eg10060

65.00 Exhaust manifold 351C 2V LH D3AE AA 3K8 eg10061 75.00 Exhaust manifold 351C 2V LH D1ZE AA 1L29 eg10062

65.00 Exhaust manifold 351C 2V LH D3AE AA 3K2 eg10064

150.00 Exhaust manifold 351C 4V LH DOAE-B 0G8 eg10401 175.00 Exhaust manifold 351C 4V RH DOAE-G 0H3 eg10402

125.00 Exhaust manifold 351C 4V LH D1ZE-BA 0G8 eg10400

10.00 Fuel line 351c original pre-bent eg10003

45.00 Harmonic balancer 351c 71-72 D1AE B2A eg10018
75.00 Harmonic balancer 351C & CJ 71-72 D1ZE-AB eg10466

350.00 Head 351C 4V ,Pair crack checked and hot tanked D1ZE-DA eh10015
150.00 Head 351C 2V ,Pair D1AE CB eh10016

125.00 Intake 351C 4V DOAE-L 9D27 ei10011
125.00 Intake 351c 2v smog DOVE B ei10001

90.00 PISTONs with RODs :351C set of 8 std DOAE-A eg10379

40.00 PISTONs :351C set of 8 STD eg10385

90.00 PISTONs :351C set of 8 .030 Z298P eg10383

25.00 Timing cover 351c eg10221

100.00 Crankshaft 351C std std 4MA eg10211

15.00ea CONNECTING ROD :351C singles DOAE-A eg10372 5

50.00 CONNECTING ROD :351C set of 8 DOAE-A eg10373 2

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for several hundred more 69-70 parts check out my parts list
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