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351W buildup

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what would be the cheapest way to build a 351W with about 350-450hp, the rpm range from about 1500/2000 to around 6000, without nitrous or a supercharger. my budget is about $2500-$3000
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Starting from scratch, and building the engine so it'll last, is IMO not possible at that price point...

Figure around $10 per HP....carb to pan, fan to flywheel...

The engine in the race car, which is a conservative 400hp, cost 4500.00 to build back in '95, exclusive of cores but including torque converter.

Build a good stock-based engine for under 2K and add nitrous...I know it's not on your list but it is the easiest way. You might be able to get 1 hp/ci, naturally aspirated, within your budget but you might cut some longevity corners getting there... Here's some spec's and what it cost me, I tried to get out of it cheap too. Then it got away from me...Oh well. Subtract the lookin' good goodies, the dyno time, and the labor, it might be a thousand dollars less.
These guys can do it for your price range!
Do you need to rebuild the motor also, or just add h.p.?
Are you going to put it together yourself minus machine work and cam bearings? If you do a lot of it yourself, you can save some money. But you will need to have some knowledge or a real good friend who knows how with some time on his/her hands!

Good Luck!

Good Luck
i'll have to rebuild it, too. new bearings, pistons, .30 over, etc.
i'll do some work myself, and i've got a good resource for manual labor(a very good mechanic) who is quite knowledgeable in the area of putting engines together and things of that sort.i'll have to pay someone for the machining.
wow, i can't thank you enough for giving me that site. those are incredible prices. now i've got somewhere to start from. thanx alot!
Pat is right about Nitrous, if you are going race occassionally, it works very well and is cheap. If you want to make your h.p. naturally, your stock heads have to go. Go with those World jr cast iron, or whatever but your stock heads aren't going to cut it so save your money from rebuilding those.
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