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351W estimate

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I have a newly built 351W and I'm wondering what kind of power I'm getting out of it. I have a pretty good idea but I figured I would get some more input. Here is a description:

bored .030 over, stock type pistons, 11" clutch, 4 speed toploader, Performer RPM intake, stock heads, Holley 3310 750cfm electric choke, stock points and condenser on original distributor, Accel 8.8 300+ wires, flamethrower coil, hooker super comp full length headers, 2 chamber flowmaster 40 series exhaust with 2.5" pipe, double roller timing chain, milodin high volume oil pump, a holley 60gph fuel pump, and i know this is killing my low end but 3.00 open gears.

Any ideas on how much power I am running and time estimates on the 1/4 mile?

70 fastback modified 351W Edelbrock water pump and rpm intake holly 650 front disc brake conv. Auto to toploader conv. Hurst comp. plus shifter
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Nice set up.

Consider this: My engine is a 69 Windsor, +.030/10.5:1, Motorsport 214/224 472/496 cam, with an Edelbrock 1406 and Headman shorties,3.25 9-inch. Not exactly a radical set up.

Desktop Dyno Says - 358 hp and 406lbs of torque. If I were at sea level, everyone I've spoken to says the car would go high 13s. I'm counting on low 14s here in Colorado.

Glenn Morgan: 66 GT V-Burgundy Fastback 351w+toploader+9 in. TracLoc. Started out as a rusted-out Chicago-area crusher. After sacrificing a solid 66 coupe for its sheetmetal sub-assemblies, I have one solid (and expensive) work in progress!
Often the real world of traction, suspension and tuning intrudes on ideals of HP and ET...

Count on mid-high 14's @ 93 or so MPH to start, assuming you've installed a performance camshaft (you left that out).

The manual trans will somewhat mitigate the tall gear but you'll likely have tire spin problems...

If you run 15.00's out of the box, that'll be a good start.....all good things take time and effort..*G*

HP....not knowing all the details, I'd guess in the lower 300's...

Edited to reflect camshaft choice...
HP in the mid 300's, around 1hp/ci
ET's in the low 14's with tuning and driving experience....stick trans could be a handicap with tall gear, camshaft and street tires...
With more gear and slicks and some suspension work, likely low 13's are possible...maybe even a high 12 @ 106 or so...

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hey pat,
70fastback is my bro. The cam is crane cam 226/236 deg. and .502/.520 inches lift.

San Antonio, Tx
66 coupe 289
70 fastback done by may/graduation...hopefully
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