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351W heads with guide plates - value?

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Ok, everyone, quick before 66gt350 makes the jump to the new forum *LOL* (just kidding). I'm planning to buy his 351W heads that are in great shape and already have screw in studs and guide plates. He's not sure the mileage on them, so I'll be doing a valve job on them and adding hardened seats. These are '69 non-smog heads. Neither of us know what's a fair price and niether wants to rip the other off. What are they worth?

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Its kind of a tough question. The things that will affect the price are if they have been ported(plus), are you absolutely sure the valves will keep and be ground again, do you have to have new guides installed? If the screw in studs are really old they may need to be replaced as well. What I try to do on stuff like this is find out what the cores are worth at the machine shop and figure up from there for the extras. There is some desireability factor because they are the early heads.

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