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351w top end advice....

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I have an chance to pick up a set of these heads: World Products 053040-1 - World Products Windsor Sr Cylinder Heads - Overview - to put on my 351w ROLLER BLOCK.

So my question is, for a good Street car, what do you guys recommend for:


I plan to run an AOD.
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351 build

Junior, the heads sound wonderful. Howsabout adding a weiand 8021 ? and a lunati 61011 cam, roller tipped 1.7 ratio rockers, and a 735 Holley with annular boosters. Did you pick an axle gear ? Keeping what you have ? Have you considered the wide ratio gear set for you AOD ? Whatcha gonna do for ignition ? LSG
I'd scratch the AOD. Well, I mean that I had an AOD in my 66 and I took it out. Way more fun with the 5 speed world class.
AOD was part of the deal with the Mrs......she wants to be able to drive the car and hasn't been able to pick up 5-spd. I have a feeling once she realizes it drives and rides like an old car, she won't want to drive it, but.....

Honestly i have no idea as far as ignition and all of that goes. My past engine experience is with newer 4.6l Mod Motors.
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