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351W Valve Covers!!

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Does anyone know a company that makes Ford Motorsport (black crinkle aluminum) valve covers for a 351W. Oh ya, one's that will clear roller rockers!! Thanks!!

65 coupe 302
(rebuilding a 351W)
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I was in the same dilema and found these at one of the swap meets here in SoCal....

they are nice polished aluminum and clear the roller rockers (Harland Sharp in this case) quite well. With baffles, I paid 80 bucks.

Ford motor sport makes short and tall valve covers
Hey look at that, I'm a wrench turner now! WOO-HOO!

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I think Tony Branda may sell what you need. They were the first to come out with a semi-repro of the Cobra valve covers for Ford small blocks that would allow for use of roller rockers. Dickson

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Thanks guys!! Hey look, now I'm a beginner!! I liked being a tire-kicker!!

65 coupe 302
(rebuilding a 351W)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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