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351W What's next???

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Just got confirmation that my block is good. I'm going .30 over. They said my crank needs to go .20. Is this acceptable for a race motor?? Oh ya, next I'll buy the pistons. Going to get 11:1 with 61cc heads!! Any good company's?? TRW, JE??? Thanks!!
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Better than a cast piston, but not quite as tough as a forged is Keith Black Hypereutectic (sp?) pistons.... I'm building a 392, they have an off the shelf piston for my motor. Shop around, about $270 a set. Reconsider 10-1 max. compression ratio for a street motor running pump gas.

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I'll be running Kieth Blacks on my new motor. Good pistons for the price. They're specifically made for my Trick Flows with a 60cc chamber so I'll be at 10:1 if their catalog is right.

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Block and crank are fine at those specs....those W cranks have big journals...
Just make sure they give you a bit more journal clearance if you're going to race the car....the large diameters promote more heat at high rpm so it's nice to have more oil cooling those areas...

I'm using L2456 TRW's in my race W....they have a .200 dome...

If you're not running the engine on the ragged edge or with nitrous, the KB hypereutectics will be fine....

Personally, if you're mainly going to race the car....I'd go with a cam like the SVO A333 solid lifter grind I have in the race car and restrict the oil galleries...they say not to do it with hydraulic cams but I do know of racers who are doing it successfully....roller rockers are a must in this situation....

Any other questions? Post...

Good luck!

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I'm definately going with forged pistons. Also is it ok to run 11:1 w/ aluminum heads on pump gas??? Oh ya, I'm definately using roller rocker arms. Does Keith Black make good forged pistons for a good price??? Thanks!!!
11:1 on pump gas with aluminum heads....? I wouldn't....race car runs like crap on pump gas + Super104 Octane booster...fill 'er up with 112 race gas and she purrs...

If you want forged, go with TRW, Speed Pro or Manley....I haven't bought any in a few years so I don't know the part #'s for the new ones....they don't make mine anymore....
Figure on spending about 300-400.00 on pistons and another 100-150 on tool steel pins (I run B&B) and 100-200.00 on a ring package (I run Total Seal and C/A ZGF)...

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