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Hey all. I'm just starting to build a 351w for my 65 Coupe. Here's what I'm planning. Trw 11:1 pistons, Arp bolts all around, Trick Flow Twisted Wedge aluminum heads w/ 2.02,1.60 valves, single plane intake, holly 700. Also a 270 custom cam with .600 lift. This car will be a weekend warrior, and a 1/4 mile car when I have time to get to the track. What do you think of this combo?? Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!!
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Hey Madstang,
Looks like a pretty good setup. Sounds pretty similar to what I've got in my fastback. The big difference is that I've got a slightly smaller cam, and running Avenger R heads with 2.080 valves.

Like Johnpro said, I did run into one slight problem that I need to get fixed. Valve to Piston clearance. I don't know what I did wrong when I checked this, but obviously I did something wrong. With those big 2.080 valve, I've got a small dent in top of each of those pistons that I now need to have flycut. The cam I'm currently running has a bit less lift than what you have, so definitely check it out.

The two big areas that you will have to look into are exhaust and cooling. You'll need a 351W swap headers. There are several brands out there, I went with the cheap ones, headman long tube headers. If I was to do it again, I'd go with a set of JBA coated shorties, but they're about $600. Later mod....much later.

Cooling....what else is there to say. A stock setup will have problems, with the horses that motor will produce. I haven't run too much in the heat of summer, so I don't know if what I've done will work or if I'll need more. In the cooler weather, I run fine. I've got a stock replacement aluminum water pump, that came with the motor. And a desert three core radiator. I've also replaced my front end with a shelby racing apron, allowing all the air the air to get to the radiator. Even running in cooler weather, I can tell in stop and go that I'll have heating problems come summer. I plan to add an auxiliary electric fan.

If you have specific questions, drop me an email and I'll see what i can do for ya.

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