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351Ws, C6s.9"s etc...

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I've had this stuff sold/traded for multiple times, but
as usual people have backed out. I've got some good motor/tranny transplant items and few other items.

-bored .040
-crank turned .20r/.10 m
-Crane Energizer Cam .448/.472
-Cloyes Double Roller Timing Chain
-4bbl intake/Holley Carb (4160)
-Had less than 500 miles on rebuild, pulled because
body of vehicles was too bad to fix

-C6 (SB) needs rebuild has new torque convertor

-1987 F-150 XLT LARIAT
-351W 4bbl "H.O."
-both work fine but have high miles
-trade value $750

-bored .030 needs to be bored again
-crank/rods/pistons included
-no heads
-trade value $125

-9" 3.00 Locker 28 spline
-trade value $275

-9" 2.75 open 31 spline
-trade value $50

-Cat Racing 164 tooth flexplate (SFI) for drag/
high stall applications, has no counter weight on it
trade value $40

9" disc brake brackets
trade value $100

Want to trade for:
-70s Camaro subframe (front steer only!!!)
-Jegs Poly drag seat and black cover
-Simpson black 5 point harness
-1940 Plymouth Coupe deck lid and rear fenders
-Later model flathead V8s (no attached bellhousings, please)
-Streetrod parts, make offers!
-fuel cells 16 gallon+
-aluminum ford/aftermarket heads
-flowmaster 2 1/2"+
-Holley 4150 750CFM+
-'68 Shelby 350 (No seriously, I'll take it!)
-CASH OFFERS = TRADE VALUE of above items
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My question is about the 9's what is something that you are willing to recieve in trade for them. I own a 67 so i can't offer that much. But we can talk about it if you think about it you can call me at 650*906*7565 eman or you can email me at [email protected] Thank you for considering it?!
I am interested in the 351W, I don't have anything for trade, but I am willing to pay the trade value you have listed. The only problem is that I'm not sure if the engine will fit in my car. I have talked to people who dropped a 351W into their mustang, but it was a few years younger than my own. The guy I talked to said he had to raise the engine about an inch to fit it in his so I don't know if it will fit.

I was wondering if you could measure the distance from the bottom of the oil pan to the top of the carborator. Then from the outside edge of the manifolds. That would be a great help in deciding if it will work.

If the engine can fit I would let you know and we could work everything out. thanks
Crites Restoration makes motor mounts that will raise the engine approx 1 inch. We used them to put a 351C in a 65 Falcon.
You do some trading on the truck with my fresh toploader? Where you at?
Ok great thats what I thought I would have to do, but some guy I talked to said it may not fit in a 65 so I thought I would check.
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