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Help! I'm so close! Been trying to track down my engine vibration for 2 years. I was told from the PO my block was a 428 with 390 GT heads. I had a 390 flywheel on my car and I have learned there is internal/external balancing differnence between a 390 & 428 and would explain my problem. With the great members of VMF I was able to aquire a 390 flywheel balanced for a 428.

I expected this flywheel to have weights added but instead has been counter balanced with weight removed from a drill press. I'm not sure if this is right and I'm so tired of taking my trans in and out on my garage floor. Should I pony over $300 for a new Hayes flywheel instead of trying this one? Any info would be great.


Jim, If it is a flexplate for an auto trans it will have a weight welded on. If it is a flywheel for a manual trans it will have several drilled out spots to balance for the 428 crank. Paul
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