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390 Virgin Standard Bore Engine Blocks

I have a number of nice engine blocks:
C4AE - this block has reinforced mains like a CJ block or D3/D4TE block and undrilled main bosses for side bolting.
C6ME and C6ME-A
C7ME and C7ME-A
1968 - early blocks had C7ME-A and then no casting number after about April 1968
1969 - no casting numbers
1970-1973 - these would have been from trucks
1973-1976 - heavy duty 390 D3TE and D4TE 105 Mirror truck blocks. I have (1) sonic tested and ready for a 428 bore and others that have not been tested but generally can go .080 over (428 bore).

I have added a photo of some of the blocks.

Call me at 408-531-7541 for dates and prices.


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