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I am nearing the end of converting a '65 6cyl car to V8 that the PO started. I put my first miles on my car this weekend when I took the car in for exhaust and algngment.

I started the car 2 weekends ago (fresh rebuilt motor). I'm using a 4100 carb that was professionally rebuilt. When I first started the car, the choke seemed to work just fine. I did not have any throttle linkage hooked up in the beginning. I installed the throttle linkage and return spring last weekend.

Here is the problem: Now, it seems that the choke doesn't work at all. When I open the throttle, the choke plate doesn't close all the way. When I start the car, I have to keep hitting the gas or it stalls (until warm). I pulled the return spring off, but no change. I took the choke cover off to make sure the spring wasn't broke. It isn't. The choke linkage all moves fine. Choke is set one mark towards rich.

Other than having to keep it running with my foot until the motor warms, it runs fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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Check you choke first thing in the morning when the engine is dead cold. Pull the air cleaner and flip the throttle linkage, or just jump in the car and stomp the gas one time. Don't start the car. Check if your choke is all the way closed. If not, then turn the spring towards rich til it closes. The marks on the housing are not always accurate, especially with new parts.
It's important to check your work when the engine is hot too.
Drive at least 30 minutes and have a look at the choke plate while the engine is idling. It should be open as far as possible. If it's not then readjust the choke spring towards lean. You should be able to get fully open AND fully closed. If you have to choose one way, go with open. A partially closed choke will kill your gas mileage.
I have had choke springs that needed a bit of adjusting now and then until they settled in and were fine from then on.
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