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When I am cruising around in my 68 FB it has a heavy raw gas smell. When I get out, I smell like I showered at a gas pump. (good thing I don't smoke ::). It is worse when I use the HFS (heavy foot syndrome). It is a autolite 4100, Fellow motor heads say it could be a float problem and I have the rebuild kit, but it only has the gaskets and ball valves. Could it be the floats? ( the carb has the tell tale signs, A bunch of dents on top near the floats from a adjustment tool, wrench, hammer, ect)and if it is the floats, where can I get new floats. My local guy had to literaly blow the dust of the rebuild kit, He won't have the floats.
Also, The low end torque is non-existant, I have 410 gears with a 4 speed and I have to fan the clutch to get it moving or it stalls.(that ain't right) I advanced the timing slowly until it wouldn't start, still no luck.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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