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427 side oiler

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I've got a 427sideoiler, it's in a 1976Donzi boat. I'm thinking of removing it & using it in a car. Anyone know if there is any reason why this wouldn't work with the obvious mods needed(exhaust-alt-etc....)The motor also has a Shelby stamped intake on it, Thought I'd see if anybody out there has done this type of changeover & has any pointers! If it's to much trouble I'd rather sell it.
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As long as its a real side oiler there should be no problem I can think of (had a few that at one point had been chenged to use in boats)

How did you determine its a side oiler" I ask since Ford oftne mixed and matched exterior casting molds which produced some odd combinations (have a 428 CJ with a side oiler rear casting - seen at least 6 of these)

Just make sure it isn't one of the 427's that was built for boat applications

Jeff Speegle
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Was it a raw water cooled motor? If it was it may no longer be suitable for use.
Many of the Marine 427 blocks were cast as side oilers but were in fact never drilled as such.
But it seems quite a few are coming out of marine use lately and you maybe a lucky one with yours.
Got to the FE forum and ask the guys there about this. This very subject comes up quite often. This group lives and breathes FE's

Greg B
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