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McLeod 428 CJ/429 CJ / Boss 429 Clutch renew package. Limited quantities!

We are factory direct wholesale stocking dealers for McLeod Industries. We recently made a huge purchase in advance of the price increase McLeod was planning Jan 2008. We can offer the following clutch package for the Boss 429/428 CJ and 429 CJ this is the premium clutch plate in 3 finger OEM long version 11 ½ - 12 , Carbon Kevlar/Organic faced disc with large 1 3/8 spline 11 ½ - 12 and large 1 3/8 throwout bearing.

Regular Jobber cost on this package is $457.71 Our old website price is $440 plus shipping! Special price for this buy is $425 Postpaid if prepaid by check or Money order in 48 states! If you are paying by mc/visa add $15! These parts are heavy, shipping is usually $35-45. you save $60. Once these are gone we will be back to the website prices which will be updated to include the 2008 price increase.

In addition if you would like to purchase a new Steel Flywheel the cost will be $ 330 postpaid if prepaid! Normal Jobber is $359 plus shipping! Add $10 for CC
These parts are premium parts and what we use in all our concours and hot rod restorations.

Phone orders or question (920) 434 3645 Shelby Parts and Restoration LLC 2215 Oconnor Rd Green Bay, WI 54313 email jim website
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