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428 CJ 735 Holley

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My cousin is restoring a 69 Torino GT R code and is in need of a Ford factory 735 Holley for it. Does anyone know of a place that sells them redone ready to bolt on that does not want an arm and leg for them? He tried Pony Carburators and they want $800 for one. That is way to high in my way of thinking.

69 Mach 1 427 Windsor
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Depends on how badly you need it. That's a pitfall of restorations of desirable models and that's why I'm sticking to a dirt common 66 c code coupe doing a restomod!
A C9AF-G was an over the counter replacement CJ carburetor that was sold for years by Ford dealers. Thousands floating around at less than 1/3 the price of an original CJ carb...Visually identical and will perform exactly the same as an original.
My suggestion would be use the C9AF-U carb which can be had for around $150 until you score an original
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