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Selling for a friend of mine. Seven of these are 1968 428 Cobra Jet connecting rods. Three rods came out of my friend's
1968 Shelby GT500 and four are reconditioned rods my friend bought because the engine builder found three of the
original rods needed too much weight removed to balance the assembly and one of the original rods was bent. The
eighth rod is a 390 rod which is identcal to standard 428FE rods (all have part# C7AE-B) and differs from 428 CJ rods
in that it uses a smaller rod bolt and nut. The 390 and 428 FE uses C1AZ-6214-A 3/8"-24 x 2 7/32" bolts with
C1TE-6212-A (replaced by C9AZ-6212-B) nuts). The 428 Cobra Jet rods use larger 13/32"-24 x 2 5/32" bolts
(C2AZ-6214-B bolts with C0ME-6212-A nuts). Asking $225 plus shipping from zip code 32764.
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