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Are you basing the 428 ID on the block# or did you measure the cylinder bore? Using the block#s alone can be misleading, for example the numbers on the block in my 67 Fastback IDs as a 428 (C7ME-A) and the numbers on the heads ID them as 390GT. Upon checking the block's cylinder bores (4.05) they ID as a 390, as the 428 bore is 4.13. In addition the the crank's 2U ID# showed it to be a 390 crank. Plus the block also lacked the 428 cast into the water passage behind the center freeze plugs. I've since found out that Ford would often mix and match the outside 428 molds with inside 390 molds, thereby injecting a degree of total confusion to anybody trying to ID an FE engine using just the blocks casting numbers. Good luck

67 S-code fastback
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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