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SCJ Engine for sale - Hemmings ad

Complete SCJ 428 Engine for sale! We took this out of a 67 Mustang 2 years ago and installed the correct 390 police engine. We then took it completely apart and restored it to concours condition. It took over a year to accumulate all the original add on parts. All parts were magnafluxed for cracks. This package will include:

Correct late 68 Dated Block – Oil galley enlarged and matched to oil pump and high flow oil filter adaptor
Balanced and Blueprinted rotating assembly
Original nice oil pan
Dipstick and Tube
1UA Crank +10
Lemans Rods
Forged TRW Pistons L2294 +30
High Volume Oil Pump with new pickup
Chrome Moly Oil drive
Chrome Moly Rollmaster timing set
Rotating assembly was balanced to use without counterweight and also was balanced with choice of original C9ZE stick flywheel or C6 Flexplate your choice!
Correct 428 CJ heads with Stainless Valves, hardened exhaust seats, New springs and retainers
Correct C8OE Cast iron intake dated 8M
New Bakelite type carb spacer
Choice of correct Restored to concours Holley Carbs C9AF-M 4 speed or C9AF-N C6
Rebuilt 8M dated water pump
Correct 428 SCJ wide balancer
Timing cover and pointer
OEM hydraulic Speed Pro cam and Lifters
New Speed Pro chrome moly pushrods
Original rocker arms with machined aluminum spacers
SCJ windage tray - moly coated with oil shed
Intake Valley Pan
New speed Pro rocker shafts
Rocker shaft ARP studs
Valve spring Splash shields
Correct 428CJ/SCJ exhaust manifolds
New Stainless heat riser tubes for carb
New Ramplock manifold Bolts
Correct PCV System
Exhaust Manifold heat shield with correct Brackets
Heat shield to snorkel S Tube
Engine Lift Hooks
BF32 Spark Plugs
Complete 428 CJ/SCJ smog system
Upper and lower triple pulleys
Dated Script Fan Belts
Script Autolite Alternator with correct mounting and adjusting Brackets
Blue Printed C8OF-J Distributor
Script heat shielded Autolite Plug wires
New Carter Clam shell fuel Pump
Carb to Pump pre-bent line
New steel block mounts
Rubber insulators
Choice of 69 snake type covers , stock aluminum finned covers or Black Krinkle Cobra Lemans (68 Shelby style!)
All Correct Fasteners used

$13,500 FOB Green Bay

This engine will have break in time on our test stand only to check for leaks and to get the cam and lifters broken in. We will be able to be shipped in a custom crate built on a pallet to keep from being damaged. Buyer pays all shipping cost, we will get best available quotes . Weight is approximately 900 pounds. If you have any questions please let us know! Heres a chance to get a complete SCJ engine for your project with all the add on candy already there and installed. I shudder to think what all this stuff would cost now if I had to start over. We will require a deposit to set this up for your requirements and full payment before shipping. Pictures available!
(920) 434 -3645 [email protected]
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