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I have a fresh 429(D1VE)short block,flex plate to Offy aluminum water pump.460 crank .010x.010 balanced,.060 over,new hyperutec pistons,federal rings and bearings(I beleive this would be 477cid.)Double roller timing chain,Comp 280 CAM,modifed stock oil pan(front sump will work in Mustang/Fairlane).Do not have an oil pump.
Also have a C6 needs to be freshened up(been setting since 1998)has B&M shift kit installed.
I removed this set up from my Mach 1 and redid the short block to put in my Fairlane and have sold that car.
I also have an A460 Dominator intake,with Dyno time only.
This stuff is just sitting in my shop!I am not going to use it.I have about 700.00 just in the machine work,pistons,bearings rings etc...That is not including the cam,water pump,and all of the block,crank,rods,water pump,fuel pump(Holley)etc....All you need is a set of good heads,and you could have a killer street motor.Lots of bottom end torque!Good motor for a tow truck or 4x4!
I would like to trade for 71-73 parts,351C CJ parts or ?
I live in the North Texas area and would prefer this region.Make me an offer,this has been setting way to long. :winkgrin:
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