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Okay, guys. If I find an old Boss 429 in a Pa. barn, and it hasn't been started or driven in many years, how should I go about discovering its mechanical condition? No, I didn't try to start it..

Is there a reputable shop or expert in the Pennsylvania/Mid-Atlantic area to research and organize the restoration of this car? It's a genuine Boss. Correct "Z" code VIN and KK stickers, and all special Kar Kraft mods are intact. Engine seems to have aftermarket (race) heads. I can run some codes and numbers past you on the Forum if you'd like.

Now that my pulse has returned to near-normal, I can type again. Any thoughts? Thanks very much.


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You're either one of two things:

1) The luckiest person to ever walk the face of the Earth...


2) One of the jokers from this forum who loves to post stuff like this.

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I know..I know...this is no joke. I really need some help on this one. VIN appears to be 0502Z12XXX, and door plate has "KK NASCAR 24XX" . Blue on white.

My profession for the past 20 years has me out bumping around the backwoods. Never in all that time have I had anything like this happen. And yes, I'm still waiting for the bad news to burst my little bubble.

So, who knows how to interpret the codes on this engine? Right front engine stamp looks like "9B17". The Boss valve covers are aftermarket, with hand-engraved numbers on each side, next to a stamped "HT" and "MI" or "MT" . Aftermarket block and heads for racing? Or are these factory type markings?

Thanks again.
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