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429 or factory mach hood scoop?

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ok, heres the hood has a hole cut in it from the p/o. i dont want to weld it up, but instead, enlarge the hole to about 14" so my air cleaner will fit into it, maybe eventually make it sorta a ram air intake. a normal mach 1 scoop that i have now will need to be slightly modified to cover a 14" hole (2 center mounting studds will have to be removed and shaved down). does anyone think a boss 429 scoop would be a better choice? my mustangs just a clone, not a real mach, but will it look dumb? hurt the value? any opinions will help. thanks
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I have a 69 sportsroof with an aftermarket hood with integral Boss 429 scoop. Personally, I don't like the look. It is just too big - wide across. However, looks are subjective. I have a 70 sportsroof with the Mach 1 hood scoop and I cut a hole beneath it for the bubble top of the 68/69cougar ram air lid. I like the looks of that. I think it is a matter of personal preference.
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