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$4300.00 !!!!!

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I've gotten two quotes from body shops to bead-blast my car, fix a few small dents, cut out and replace one right rear lower quarter, and prime and paint my car. $4300.00 !!! Does that sound out of touch? It'll take me forever to save up that kind of money.... Any suggestions? If it is going to be done, do it right.

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I'm in the process of painting my car, and all estimates I got were in the same range as you're describing....$4000-$5000.

For that, I had to strip the car myself and move it myself. The car would be sanded to bare metal, the loose parts from valances to doors, to quarter extensions would be stripped in a thermal process.

Then the body would be repaired where necessary and finally primed and painted.

Yes, it is a lot of money, but I wouldn't want to do it myself. Over here in Holland it is the labour that does it. Sanding a car down to bare metal takes ages.

Luckily I was able to strike a deal with the body shop that makes it a bit more attractive, but I expect to have paid $3500 if not more when it is finished.

And.....don't forget that much of your chrome may not be good enough to put back on a perfectly painted car. I'm replacing much of my chrome now as I want the car to look its best inside and out. Besides, the windshield moulding for instance is so tricky to remove that it is easy to damage the paint if you want to replace them later, which to me is also a reason to replace them now.

Good luck finding a cheaper place! It is possible, but the quality of the work usually goes down faster then the price!


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this is a fair price if the work is done right. most people have no idea the time and money involved in restoring a classic mustang. it is not something you want to jump into without some thought. in most cases it is alot cheaper to just go buy one if your not into doing alot of the work yourself. it's just cheaper to go buy one that is already done.

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On my resto project. Dents, Media Blast, Paint and engine bay-$4500 to 5500 with me doing the R&R on the engine and trans. The unknown is the door skins, 1 has been hit and has a crappy prior repair New skins???
Your price is not out of line for a quality job.

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4300.00 is a bargin if it is done right. I was quoted 4000.00 for the same job on a VERY straight 69 SR without any engine bay work. A few door dings here and there and original paint... and this is from a very reputable Mustang restorer in the Dallas area. You might consider doing it yourself Figure on at least 1000.00 for materials plus any parts like skins, etc.
Bead blasting is expensive. Try aircraft stripper or a sander and some elbow grease. Fully bead blasting a car is about 800.00 to 1500.00 ballpark price. Unless you want a trailer queen, a good prep job and some practice can yield pretty good results on doing your own paint. My .02

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Like the others stated. Here is a little brakdown for the cost.

Paint (base and clearcoat), primer, reducers, sandpaper, wear and tear on the sanding equipment, electricity, etc, ~$1000.00

That leaves $3300.00 for labor. Figuring the cost of labor is about $40.00 per hour (could be more or less), that leaves 82.5 hours to sand, prime paint, buff, interface with the customer, etc. Not much time, is it? And 40.00 per hour is not what the employee doing the work gets, that includes his worker's comp, health insurance, social security payments by the employer, taxes, etc. Profit? What's that. $4300.00 is an absolute STEAL! When you do your job, what is you're fully burdened labor rate. It is usually over 2X what you make.

Finally, the cost of the job is not as important as the quality of the job. Maybe you can negotiate with the shop for you to do some of the work (like you do the fenderwells, etc).

Good luck...

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Hey I think thats a great deal but..... If your going for the best mybe the great deals aren't always the best. You get what you pay for. I am in the process of restoring a 65 convert and my bodyman does what I consider primo work, he is considered to be one of the best body artists in Minnesota. He has had his work all over all the big mags, and has done many cars for the stars. He is completly refinishing the paint top and bottom, door jams and trunk, aligning all panels and reassemble the panels. I am responsible in removing the motor and tranny and stripping the paint underside. He is charging me $6000.00 THIS IS SHOW QUALITY WORK! he has painted many cars for me and I won't even think about taking it to someone else. Trophies trophies we all love trophies! Remember the bargain is forgotten when the paint falls off. :>)
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