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Holley 4412-500 heavy modifications.
Pro-Billet Annular Discharge Nozzles.
Venturi diameter has been enlarged to 1 7/16"
Quick Fuel Tech Custom Metering Block. Has all orifices with removable jets.
Chrome Float Bowl-now discontinued. Has removable screw in inserts so main metering jets can changed without removing float bowl. Comes with jet removal tool.
Has special Braswell road race float & special needle & seat which induces fuel below fuel level to prevent bubbles.
Throttle shaft has been milled flat to increase air flow 20 CFM
Comes with automatic electric choke.
Converting CFM to 4 barrel standards is flows 395 CFM.
Recommended applications are a heavy modified 250 with iron cylinder head. Heavy modified 200 with aluminum cylinder head & also a 250 with aluminum head.
The only other carbs close to this one is on Gene Fiores's modified 250 & CRBobcat'''s.
Cost is $450.00 + shipping to your zip code.
Only on an engine once to get a baseline A/F #'s.
I accept paypal & usps money orders. PM or email [email protected]

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