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5.0 Roller Lifters in a 289?

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I have been slowly rounding up parts for the 64.5 project and one retrofit I want to do is a roller lifter conversion. Sure they sell after market lifters with the link bars but what about using the spider, anti rotation bars and rollers from a 5.0? You must drill 2 holes in the lifter valley and tap then for 1/4x20 but what about the cam? Does anyone know about the use of the reduced base circle cams? Are they needed for this conversion? Thanks in advance, John

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I heard the reduced base circle cam was nessasary, not enough material around the tops of the lifter bores
with the 289 to support the lifters. I have no first hand experience with this though.

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Another option is to buy a 5.0L late model block like the ones that Summit sells...I believe they are designed with roller cams in mind...

Other than dealing with the one-piece rear seal and lack of equalizer stud boss hole (IIRC), they're essentially the same as the vintage blocks...

Price is right too...

I think Crane Cams still offers a retrofit roller conversion kit for the earlier 289 & 302 blocks. If I remember correctly the kit comes with the cam,lifters,lock bars,retainer plate(spider plate),pushrods and the two risers for the retainer plate. I hope this helps you out. Scott

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Thanks for the input guys, maybe I should just buy a 351W block and get it over with! John

It would be a shame to have passed the test but to have missed the lesson.
I seem to remember something about the 289/302 lifter bores being too short for stock 5.0L roller lifters. I think the oil hole/groove would be exposed causing erratic loss of oil pressure.

Maybe the reduced base circle cam compensates for this?

I'd go with a crate 351W personally...

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you kinda hit the nail on the head. my 65 X-tremestang has a crate short block 1995 351 Lightning motor, already configured for a roller cam (even though it came with a mild hydraulic in the crate). I am using the stock 5.0 roller lifters, motorsport spider and lifter retainers and opted for the TFS roller cam as I am using TFS Twisted Wedge heads (home ported and polished). With this setup, Mark Jeffrey at Coast High Performance is projecting 450-500 flywheel horsepower, all motor. If you don't go with the 351, i agree with Pat (camachinist) and get a late model roller block rather than try to "retrofit" an earlier block.

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