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502 Cubes - Big or Small block

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A big block 460 can be stroked to 502 cubes -and- SCAT can provide a stroker assembly to get a 400 up to 502 cubes as well.

I already have Cleveland equipment which can be used with the 400 (Bigass 4V heads, ignition, intake, headers, etc.etc.). I would only need the intake manifold plate kit to reuse my existing Cleveland equipment.

The conversion over to a stroked 460 could cost twice as much as converting over to a 400.

Why should I not consider using a 400 engine and/or what benefit would I have be eating the costs and going with a 460 stroker ?

Thanks in advance.

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Considering your investment in C and M equipment already, I don't see any good reason why you couldn't do a M stroker...

The only possible thing I could think of is if the block isn't up to the stresses of the stroked engines output....

I don't know enough about M engines to give competant advice on that area...

Likely you would use an offset ground stock or dedicated aftermarket crank and hopefully custom rods (the other weak area possibility)....

As long as everything is up to the task you propose, I'd say go for it...

Can you really get 502 cubes out of a 400? Assuming it's bored 0.060" over, it will take a stroke of 4.85". This gives a poor bore-to-stroke ratio and a very poor rod-to-stroke ratio compared to the bigblock. This means, in general, that the 400-based engine will be less likely to rev, have poorer throttle response and won't live as long. Plus the 400 is just as big and heavy as a bigblock, from what I understand. But everything is relative, with 500 cubic inches you won't need a high-winding motor.

About 15 years ago, Jack Roush did just that! He built a Cobra and at the time, there weren't any aftermarket heads for the 429/460's, so he stroked a 400M to 460, used a pair of the first generation aluminum Cleavland heads that Ford was selling at the time along with a pair of those cool looking valve covers that doubled as a rocker arm girdle that Ford also sold. He had to make spacers for the intake manifold to use a 351C intake on the 400M block. He went this route because he said he could make more power this way than building a 460 Lima engine.

Now a days this may not be as cost effective because there is so much stuff for the 460. For the 400M, you may spend more money for custom pistons and manifold spacers and misc machine work to make the whole package come together.

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I also do not think your Tranny will bolt up to the 400M, as it is also a big block housing. either way you will have to swap trannies.... go with the 460 IMHO.

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