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I have billet and 4340 cranks in different cars. Over the years I've became really bad at budget friendly builds and think of Timken or other crap.

So my simple question is, for my sons 67' using a production block should there be any hesitation on simply running a 5140 crank with forged rods/pistons in a mostly street engine?

I'm pondering a few things:

*One would a weaker crank actually help the "weak" block? I know this is true with MGB's where a forged crank can fail first.

*Is the 5140 honestly as strong as the 2 bolt 302 block anyhow?

*Is a 4340 crank just over kill to a 4140 or 5140 in this application?

I'll be running mild heads and a street hyd roller so rpms are limited and I'd think 400hp is optimistic in this application.

I know this is a hot topic and there are no RIGHT answers, but I'm looking for opinions for a kids budget oriented build.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts