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6 cyl. modifications

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Any suggestions for bolt-on mods for my 66 conv sprint200 6cyl. I want to get a little more power out of it. I don't want to drop a 289 in it, but thought if anyone knew of a aftermarket carb or exhaust manifold. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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Check out
Might be of some help.

Clifford seems to be on a downward spiral right now, the best place to get all the advice you need would be at this forum here

Rebuilt 1100 carb from Pony cabs. Or a Autolite 1101 or Carter YF. Also maybe a Weber or Holley 2 barrell. These need adapter plates.

Duraspak II distributor from a 78 or later 200.

Headers from Clifford or Hooker.

2 1/4 inch single exhaust or 1 3/4 dual exhaust with a good muffler.

D8 or later head. 1.6 roller rockers.

This should get you started.
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go to (i believe this is right) - they have most anything you wnat to get up to supposedly 200HP (flywheel or rear wheels ?) - i ratrher doubt this but they do have good stuff from VMFers i have seen on forum. i have a Pony carb but can not attest toimprovemant since my old carb woouold hardlly run car - am quite satisfied with carb at about $170
CHeck out my web site. Clifford Did me proud! See what you think. Oh and she runs great...... Much better than before!

ANd a real head turner too!


Feel free to mail me.
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