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6 cylinder C4 vs V8 C4 differences?

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Hello everyone, hope things are going well.

Today i have a question out of pure curiosity, so ive come to the mustang database of wisdom.

What are the differences between the 6 cylinder c4 and the 289-302 c4?

Im planning on possibly switching to a v8 down the road, and I know the converters and flexplates and bellhousings are different, but if i switch all of those out onto a l6 C4, would it be okay to support a 302?

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I am doing the I6 to V8 swap and plan on rebuilding my I6 C4 to the V8 standards also. From the BadShoe video series, I have learned that yes, the bell housing and flywheel are different, the clutch packs have an extra clutch in them and the servo is different. Ken with BadShoe is great at about responding to questions, will ask him about the gearing. IMOH, can run an I6 C4 on a V8, but if it is a tired C4 it will wear out fast due to the condition of the clutches being worn and not up to the task of the V8 torque/power. Yea, a freshly rebuilt C4 will last a little longer, but if you have a lead foot and are hard on the engine/transmission, to having 1 less clutch in the packs, it will start slipping/wearing out faster. Again.....talking to transmission shops and watching/e mailing Ken, I6 C4 can easily be built to V8 C4 specs.

Why am I doing it and not just going with a V8 C4? 1. Satisfaction that I am going to rebuild my transmission myself and am confident with Kens assistance if I have any questions, I will get it right and 2. It is the original transmission to the car, so even though I am replacing the engine with a 289, I want to keep as many origional parts/components on/in the car as I can.

If you search old post, there are many questions like this. Once I actually do this, I plan on creating a post showing the differences . I actually picked up for free, an old 65 V8 C4 that I was originally going to rebuild to put in the car. I may disassemble it at the same time, document the differences (clutches etc) as examples for my future posting.
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