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6 cylinder C4 vs V8 C4 differences?

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Hello everyone, hope things are going well.

Today i have a question out of pure curiosity, so ive come to the mustang database of wisdom.

What are the differences between the 6 cylinder c4 and the 289-302 c4?

Im planning on possibly switching to a v8 down the road, and I know the converters and flexplates and bellhousings are different, but if i switch all of those out onto a l6 C4, would it be okay to support a 302?

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Having just been into a early C4 on my sons car I know the the servo pistons are different and the forward clutch housing is different between the 6 cylinder and V8's. The machined groove for the snap ring on the interior of the clutch housing is further up on the V8's to allow for more frictions and steels. i'm sure that there are other differences as well.
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