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6 to 8 swap

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i have a chance to get a 302 with trans for $100 dollars i believe it is out of a 80 runs. my question is will it fit and if it does how or what am i supposed to due about the gas pedal linkage ? also i will he to chance the front suspension and the rear end .i have a 66 coupe with a 200.
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If I were you, I'd look for a V8 parts car or rust bucket... You will need MUCH more than a motor and transmission. Partial list; motor supports, bell housing, driveshaft, throttle linkage, radiator, rearend, front brakes, front suspension, pulleys and brackets. The 80 model motor you found should be converted to a carburetor, Duraspark ignition, and change out the water pump to a 66 style.

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