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I'm looking for a nice V8 stang in and around PA. Manual tranny preferred. My target year is 66, but any 60s will do. Must have all appreciable rust repaired or removed-not covered up. I can handle small body rust/bubble rust, but floorpans, etc. need to be rust free or repaired. Other than that, my only other restraint is cost- Below $7000, and $7k is pushing it a bit for me...paint and interior don't matter, as long as they are not beyond the realm of practicality :). I'm a student looking for a nice, light restoration to do for driving. Also, should be in at least decent mechanical condition, as in, no major work needed. Anyone that can help, just PM me and we'll talk. You can post too, but PMs are faster.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts